The Academy of Music are extremely proud to announce Eight new Diploma Graduates, all students of

Piano and Voice/Singing

This year, after much Patience and Perseverance, eight students, after completing all of their music exam grades, decided to progress further to the Diploma Programmes on offer to students of The Academy of Music.

Stacey Buckley, Nikki Burke, Melissa Hogan, Maya Carni, Edel Bracken, Claire Hendy, Clive Burge and Aideen Scally were all awarded Honours Diplomas. This means that the students are all fully qualified in their instruments and have been conferred with the post-nominal initials for the various levels of their progression within the programme: Diploma, Associate, Licentiate and finally Fellowship (DipVCM, AVCM, LVCM and FVCM). This is a massive achievement for all students involved, and most especially for their teacher’s.

Choosing to play an instrument is the beginning of a journey. One that is exciting, filled with practice, challenge, and reward. It requires the student to constantly take in fresh information and master new skills.

The benefits are enormous: As well as developing music appreciation and cultivating creativity, there is, Increased Personal Discipline; Breeds Confidence; Cognitively benefits spelling, IQ and mathematical skills by requiring the use of almost every part of the brain (especially in children); Increases Memory Capability; Amplifies Emotional Perception; Speeds Up Reaction Times; Increases social skills, Reduces Stress and Develops Patience and Perseverance.

The Academy specialises in performance education through its music examination programme in association with the Royal Irish Academy of Music Graded System and its Diploma Programmes in association with the London Victoria College of Music.

The Academy premises is also a Local Centre for both the Royal Irish Academy and the London Victoria College of Music – meaning that all graded and diploma examinations take place at the Academy of Music, facilitated by the Examining bodies sending their own independent examiners to the Academy premises at exam-time.

Diploma students, as well as performance examinations, must undergo certain levels of music theory qualifications within their studies to satisfy the criteria of the required level of “Theory of Music”, which assures a good standard of diploma and shapes their overall quality of Musicianship

Staff and Students of the Academy are very proud of their achievements on successfully completing their Diploma Qualifications.

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