“Ann Nestor A.V.C.M.( Perf) Hons”                             “Tina Carthy A.V.C.M(T.D.) Hons”

Ann Nestor of Moate, Co.Westmeath and Tina Carthy of Dysart, Co.Roscommon, both students at The Academy of Musicin Tullamore; have taken these extraordinary times to their advantage and completed their London Music Diploma Examinations.

The Academy of Music is an Exam Centre for many examining bodies, mainly The Royal Irish Academy of Music for its graded exams, but is also an Exam Center for the London Victoria College of Music.

Last month The London Victoria College of Music examined Tina in her Piano performance for the Associate Teaching Diploma and Ann in her Voice/Singing  Associate Performance Diploma exams with follow up interviews.

“Tina Carthy A.V.C.M.(T.D.) Hons” was awarded an Honours Associate Diploma in Piano Teaching and “Ann Nestor A.V.C.M(Perf) Hons” was awarded an Honours Diploma in Vocal/Singing Performance.

Staff and Students of The Academy would like to congratulate Ann and Tina on their great achievement in these extraordinary times.

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